Angelee Deodhar

Angelee DeodharAngelee Deodhar is a haiku poet and artist from India. She has a keen interest in promoting haiku and its related forms throughout the world. Her artwork is a form of modern digital haiga. She tells us that it provides her with an opportunity to share different cultural perspectives with a view to improved friendships among haijin.

Her haiku and haiga have been published internationally in various books, journals and on the Internet.

She is a member of several haiku groups worldwide, the chief among them being the Haiku Society of America, Haiku Society of Canada, and Haiku International Association-Japan, Meguro International Friendship Association-Japan, Evergreen Haiku Society-Japan and the World Haiku Association-Japan.

In her work life, Angelee is an eye surgeon, a member of International Arts Medicine Association and is published in medical magazines. She lives in Chandigarh with her physician husband, a son and two dogs.

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